7 Tips for Finding the Right Implant Dentist in Seattle, WA

A smile is worth a million words. But a missing tooth will convey the wrong message about you. And don’t forget it takes a toll on your personal and social life.

If missing a tooth, it’s time to visit an implant dentist in Seatle, WA.

Whether due to injury, periodontal diseases, or tooth decay, a missing tooth can cause major problems. From creating malocclusion, affecting jaw function, and exposing you to greater risk of gum disease. But do you can replace the missing tooth with dental implants.

Dental implants are a fully functional and natural-looking tooth replacement. They help you improve your appearance, speech, self-esteem, oral health, and achieve an attractive smile.

However, it’s invaluable to visit a reputable implant dentist for a successful tooth replacement with dental implants. But not every implant dentist is the same; some are better than others. The wrong choice could mean botched surgery causing your implants to fail or causing permanent damage to your mouth and face.

So, how do you choose the best with numerous options available? Worry no more; here are seven key tips to help you find the right implant dentist in Seattle, WA.

1. Ask for Recommendations

When searching for an implant dentist in Seattle, you’re overwhelmed by multiple options. However, your friends, family, and colleagues can help you narrow down options. Ask them to provide you with the names of the best implant dentist if they have visited one.

Rest assured to get one or two names of implant dentists from your trusted, closer people. Also, they offer you crucial insights about finding the right specialist and getting dental implants. This can simplify the whole process and reassure you of opting for dental implants to replace your teeth.

While you already have a few names from your close circle, these should not be your final option. What worked for them may not work for you. Thus, carry out a thorough background check on the dentist to be sure they suit your needs.

2. Search Online

If none of your inner circle can recommend any implant dentist, consider checking online. With a simple search ‘implant dentists near me’ on the web, you get numerous options for specialists in your area. All you need is to pick a few names, which you’ll carry out a thorough background check on.

A localized online search is ideal since you get reliable options from your area. This means you can easily access these dentists’ offices to learn more about them.

3. Experience

When choosing an implant dentist, experience is the utmost consideration to make. You want to be sure the one you pick has the skills and expertise to successfully perform a tooth replacement surgery. By choosing an inexperienced dentist, you not only waste your money but risk your overall health.

A well-established implant dentist has already handled numerous cases before. Through the years, they have gained in-depth knowledge to restore the dental formula of their patients. Also, they know the potential risk to the procedure and how to respond.

To check on experience, ask for details about their training, education, and how long they have been in practice. A good dentist is happy to provide you with information about their experience and training. Also, ask to see their credentials to confirm their story.

4. Ask About Training

Determine whether your preferred dentist has received advanced training in dental implant placement. While a general dentist can also perform the procedure, be sure they have completed advanced training for the specialty. Also, ask for credentials and certifications to back their claim.

Ensure the implant dentist has completed the required training and is certified for a successful and safe procedure.

5. Check Reviews

Before making the final decision, check on what other patients are saying about the potential implant dentist. Here, you’ll get crucial insights on whether to pick the dentist or continue your search.

To check on reputation, visit their website and read testimonials from past patients. Also, consider third-party review websites such as yelp to get unbiased and honest reviews. If you come across multiple negative reviews, move to the next.

Keep in mind the reviews and criticism you find reflect the practice from a patient’s perspective. It’s also a good idea to ask the dentist for details of their patients. Reach out to them and know more about the experience of seeking treatment from the dentist.

To check for any complaint filed against the implant dentist, visit Better Business Bureau.

6. Look at Before and After Images

Most dental implant dentists will keep before and after images of their patients as an example of the results they offer. A reputable dentist will be more than willing to share these images with you. Furthermore, they are confident you’ll love the result and opt for them.

Don’t choose an oral surgeon or dentist without asking for examples of their past work. After seeing the photos, do you want the same results?

7. Check For Board-certification

A board-certified dentist has undergone additional training beyond that of a general dentist. Board certification requires professionals to meet the stringent requirement to get approved. Also, they are bound to abide by the set guidelines and regulations to offer quality dental implant treatment to their patients.

Also, check if they are members of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). This is an added confirmation the dentist is highly qualified and ardent to perform the procedure.

Find an Implant Dentist in Seattle, WA Today

Dental implants are the most preferred method of tooth replacement today. They are proven to be reliable, safe, and match natural teeth compared to other options available. If you are planning to get your teeth replaced through dental implants, find a skilled and reputable dentist in practice.

Here are tips for choosing the best implant dentist.

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