What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants in Seattle?

In America, around 178 million people are missing at least 1 tooth. If you're one of these Americans, not only can this be something you might feel self-conscious about, but it might also affect your quality of life.

The good news is, you don't have to live with missing teeth. By seeing a Seattle dentist, you can look into various treatment options, such as dental implants.

Are you now thinking about getting dental implants in Seattle? Then read on, as we'll show you the benefits you can get from them!

They Look Like Natural Teeth

The main concern that people have with restorative dentistry is that it'll look unnatural. If you get work done, you probably don't want others to notice it.

If done incorrectly, some restorative/cosmetic dentistry can come off as very noticeable. For example, they might not match the shade of all your other natural teeth. Or you might end up with rows of teeth that are too perfectly uniform and white.

With dental implants done by the best dentist Seattle, WA has to offer, you won't have to worry about that. They'll take great care to match your tooth color and also construct your implants to look like natural teeth.

Even if someone takes a close look at your mouth, they won't be able to tell that you've gotten dental implants.

They Feel Like Natural Teeth Too

More importantly, dental implants feel like natural teeth in your mouth. This is because implants are actually made up of 3 parts: the implant itself (which is like an artificial root), the abutment (the connecting piece), and a custom-made crown on top.

The crown is what will replace your missing tooth. This is the actual part that your dentist in Seattle will match in shape and color to your other teeth.

Because the crown is customized to fit your mouth, it won't feel out of place. It'll feel as though you never lost your tooth in the first place.

It Restores Your Ability to Eat

With missing teeth, it can be difficult to eat your favorite foods like steak or even popcorn. You can try to, but it might be uncomfortable or even painful to do so. Not to mention, it can severely slow down how fast you eat.

Because dental implants are more than just a cosmetic procedure, this means they can also restore your ability to eat properly. After you see an implant dentist in Seattle, WA, you'll be able to bite into any food you want after you're done healing. When eating's free of discomfort and pain, you'll find joy in food again!

It Restores Your Speech

We don't often stop to think about it, but the shape our teeth is in significantly impacts our speech. We need a reasonably full set of healthy teeth for our tongue to press on to form the correct sounds.

So if you're missing any teeth, you might find that you have some form of speech impediment. For some, it might even be so bad that you often have to repeat yourself or people misunderstand you. This can be frustrating, especially if you have to interact with people frequently.

Getting dental implants in Seattle can change this. By filling in the gaps, so to speak, these implants can allow you to speak clearly and enunciate your words so people don't misunderstand you anymore.

It Prevents Bone Loss

When you lose your teeth, it's not just an aesthetic difference you'll see. Your jawbone will start deteriorating too, which can lead to bone loss.

When you have a dental implant in place, this acts in place of a natural tooth. It keeps sending signals to your jawbone to keep growing strong and healthy, which can keep bone loss at bay. In fact, it might even reverse any bone loss you've already experienced!

It Keeps You Looking Youthful

Have you noticed that many seniors seem to have a more sunken-in look on their faces? This is due to the aforementioned bone loss you experience with missing teeth. So it stands to reason that if you have holes in your smile and you have bone loss as well, you might start looking older than you really are.

To prevent premature aging, it's always a good idea to get dental implants in Seattle as soon as you can.

It Improves Your Self-Confidence

For many, the smile is what they first look to when meeting someone for the first time. So whether you're going to an interview or a first date, you might feel self-conscious about your smile when greeting the other person.

When you're constantly worrying about your smile, your self-esteem can take a real hit. As a result, this might affect various areas of your life, whether it's at work or at home.

When you get dental implants, a lot of your anxiety will go away. No longer will you have to worry about your smile, nor will you have to agonize over how you eat or speak around others.

This can help you come out of your shell and improve your self-confidence. This will have a positive effect on all of your relationships and give you a better quality of life as well.

Get Dental Implants in Seattle

As you can see, getting dental implants in Seattle can be a great idea if you have missing teeth. Not only can you restore your self-confidence by regaining a beautiful smile, but you can also reap other benefits as well, such as an easier time eating and speaking.

So if you've been in discomfort because of missing teeth, turn that around by finding the best implant dentist in Seattle today. Seattle Specialty Dentistry is here to help you get the best oral care possible.

Are you interested in getting dental implants in the Seattle area? Then book an appointment with us now. We'll respond by the next business day.


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