Everything You Need to Know About Getting Dental Veneers in Seattle

Pursuing veneers in Seattle can transform your teeth and leave you with the beautiful smile you want. Many patients pursue veneers without fully understanding what to expect. They don't talk to their Seattle dentist about essential aspects of veneers.

These patients end up dissatisfied with the longevity of their veneers or spending more than they need to. You can avoid both of these issues by learning about this type of cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA.

In this article, we discuss how working with the best dentist in Seattle can give you a beautiful smile with veneers. We also discuss the pros and cons of veneers and the different types to choose from. Continue reading so you're prepared for your dental implants in the Seattle area.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that cover imperfections in your teeth. They are shaped and colored to match your existing teeth. Your Seattle dentist attaches them to the front of your existing teeth.

Veneers in Seattle are meant to cosmetically improve your teeth. They are often selected to cover worn, broken, or discolored teeth. They also cover gaps between teeth.

The implant process is quick and simple for the best dentist in Seattle. They are a way to permanently alter your smile, so it's important to select a good cosmetic dentist.

Pros and Cons of Veneers

The benefits of getting veneers in Seattle include the benefit to your smile. You can hide permanent stains or chipped teeth with veneers. It's a discreet way to improve your smile since they look like your existing teeth. Plus, veneers are stronger and are more attractive than crowns.

As we said, getting veneers in Seattle is a permanent choice since they can't be removed during their lifespan. This can be beneficial if you're happy with the result. However, if your veneers are damaged, you can't replace them.

The cons include more sensitive teeth. In order to implant veneers, some of your tooth's enamel is removed. The thinner enamel results in more sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

It's important to talk with your cosmetic dentist in Seattle, WA before pursuing veneers. They can discuss the pros and cons with you. This will help you decide if pursuing this type of cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA is a good choice for you.

Types of Veneers in Seattle

There are two types of veneer dental implants in Seattle. The two types are composite and porcelain.

Composite Resin

Composite resin veneers are a cheaper option than porcelain. A dentist in Seattle will tell you that choosing composite resin can cost up to half as much as porcelain. If you have a lot of teeth needing veneers, this is the more cost-effective option.

Getting composite dental implants in the Seattle area is a same-day procedure. Unlike with porcelain, composite veneers are molded to your teeth and don't need to be sent to a lab. This makes it less invasive than porcelain.


Porcelain veneers have better durability than composite resin. While composite veneers last 5 to 7 years, porcelain last up to 15 years. Plus, the best implant dentist in Seattle will tell you porcelain looks the best.

Since porcelain is more durable, it's also less prone to staining than composite resin. Talk with your dentist in Seattle before pursuing either type.

Keep in mind, veneers in Seattle are not usually covered by insurance. However, we do recommend checking with your dental insurance company to be sure.

What to Expect from the Process

Now that we've discussed the benefits of each kind of veneer, you're likely wondering what you should expect from the process of dental implants in the Seattle area. The process varies slightly based on the type of veneers you select. Expect to make two to three appointments for the exam, fitting, and placement.

Initial Exam

Before undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA, you'll need to schedule an initial exam. Your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure you are a candidate for veneers. If your teeth are too weak or damaged, they may not be a suitable option for you.


The best dentist in Seattle will take their time with the preparation process. They will have you come in for reshaping and trimming the enamel on your teeth. This helps with the model your Seattle dentist will make of your teeth.

This process changes depending on the type of veneers you choose. If you choose composite resin, the veneers will be applied at this visit. If you choose porcelain, your Seattle dentist will send off the model to a lab for the creation of your veneers.

Fitting and Placement

Composite veneers in Seattle are molded to your teeth and affixed with dental cement. They are then shaped and polished to appear more tooth-like.

Porcelain veneers are also applied with dental cement but don't require polishing. Any minor adjustments are also made to make sure they align correctly with your other teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Seattle may require follow-up visits.


The best implant dentist in Seattle, WA will tell you that aftercare for your veneers is simple. Once you leave the office, your veneers are fully affixed. The most important thing is to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Pursue Veneers in Seattle

Getting veneers in Seattle may be the best cosmetic decision for your teeth. Plus, the process is relatively simple. However, make sure to talk to your cosmetic dentist in Seattle, WA to make sure you're a candidate for the treatment.

Plus, take some time to think about the decision between porcelain and composite resin veneers. This means weighing the cost vs the longevity of each.

Do you want to work with the best implant dentist in Seattle? Request an Appointment today to start the process.


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