Heather Renn: skilled surgical assistant, passionate gardener and world traveler.

A single event in Heather Renn’s adolescence inspired her career choice - getting braces! She entered Dental Assistant school right after graduating from high school and got her first job in the field at only 19.
At Seattle Specialty Dentistry, Heather stays busy assisting the doctors with surgical procedures, surgical ordering and management, and working hard to keep the office running smoothly. The variety of services offered means her job is always interesting and challenging. After 10 years with the practice, she takes pride in “learning more and being a little better everyday.”

Heather stays busy outside of the office as well. She and her firefighter husband, Adam, run marathons and climb mountains, including The Enchantments, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. The couple also loves to travel. So far they have visited New Zealand, Costa Rica, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Austria, and Mexico. On top of all this, Heather still finds time to garden, another life-long passion. She even did the flowers for her wedding.
But no matter where she travels, Heather always looks forward to returning to her work and her work family at Seattle Specialty Dentistry. As she explains it, “I love teeth, I guess!”


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