Joan Shelton-Palelek: accomplished dental hygienist, passionate equestrian.

This month will mark Joan’s 25th anniversary as a clinical dental hygienist in our practice, but she hasn’t been resting on her laurels. Joan’s love of dental hygiene and her continual quest for excellence recently took her “back to school”. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, while earning a Bachelor of Science as an additional degree in dental hygiene! We are proud of her accomplishments! Joan plans to continue her pursuit of continuing education in order to maintain the highest standard of care for her patients and because she just loves to see you smile.

In Joan’s other life, she is an equestrian breeder and highly sought after judge of Arabian horses. She and her husband, Ron, own and manage Vantage Point Farm II, Ltd, an Arabian breeding and show stable located in Cheney, Washington. This year, Joan is honored to have been selected to adjudicate at the US Arabian National Horse Show, in Tulsa Oklahoma, where 2200 Arabian horses will compete in multiple disciplines. She also manages the All Arabian Horse Show, Midsummer Classic, held each June at the Evergreen Equestrian Park in Monroe, Washington.

Joan leads a busy life, commuting between Eastern Washington and Seattle, but her “double life” as a dental hygienist and equestrian has not dampened her enthusiasm. Joan says she would not change a thing, and says she is proud to be a part of the life-changing dental care and esthetics created in the office of Seattle Specialty Dentistry.


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