Overcoming Dental Anxiety: Same-Day Implants For Nervous Patients

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Dental anxiety can keep you from receiving the treatments you need; including dental surgery.

Getting dental implantsThis link leads to Dental Implants page for the first time can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

So, if you’re a bit nervous about this procedure, relax. You don’t have to be.

We offer same-day dental implants for anxious patients and use other methods to help ease any nervousness.

Dental implants same-day procedure

Multiple visits give you numerous reasons to feel on edge.

That means multiple times reworking your schedule and contending with all the inconveniences of time away from work.

Fortunately, when you opt for same-day implants, you avoid these bothers.

Traditionally, a complete dental implant treatment can take three months or longer from start to finish.

During this time, you have multiple appointments stretched out over time to allow the gums to heal.

We understand that’s enough to make anyone feel a little distressed.

With same-day dental implants, anxious patients only have one appointment.

A dentist from our practiceThis link leads to Practice page will place the implant, abutment, and artificial tooth in a single visit.

You'll leave our office with one implant or many on the same day using this option.

How can we accomplish this?

We use advanced techniques that quickly prepare the implant to support a crown or denture immediately.

Accomplishing this also requires coordinating every detail of your treatment plan at our first consultation.

Who is a candidate for a same-day procedure?

The requirements for a same-day and a standard dental implant procedure are similar.

Overall, you generally must have good oral and general health. For instance, you’ll need adequate jawbone and gum tissue.

Our dentist will want to know about your health conditions, such as any autoimmune diseases or diabetes that could interfere with the healing process and increase your risk of complications.

How does a same-day procedure work?

You must first book a consultation with one of our dentists before we can place the implants.

For this appointment, we’ll conduct a complete evaluation of your teeth and gums.

We’ll perform certain diagnostics, such as X-rays, to evaluate your jawbone.

Through all this information, we can determine if this procedure would be safe and effective for you.

Once this part is complete, we’ll discuss a surgery date and educate you on any preparation.

For instance, our dentist will inform you whether you can eat the night before your procedure.

You’ll receive extractions on surgery day, along with implant placement.

You’ll also receive your crown or dentures on top of the screw-like implant to finish up.

How same-day dental implants can help if you’re anxious


Waiting is an unfortunate part of life, from waiting for your car to come out of the shop to standing in the grocery store line. It’s never an enjoyable time.

You don't have to wait when you opt for same-day dental implants for nervous patients,

When you complete each step of a standard dental implant procedure, you have periods where worry can set in about the next step.

You might be nervous that you won’t heal quickly or stressed, wondering what the next phase will be like.

We eliminate this by giving you dental implants all in one day.

Scheduling and finding someone to take you to the dentist is a pain, especially if you need multiple appointments.

By having only one visit, you prevent all of this.

A dentist from our practice will spend time explaining everything to you both in advance and during our appointment.

We’ll find the right sedation method to ensure you’re comfortable from start to finish.

To cap it off

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.” That rings true, particularly with dental procedures.

We at Seattle Specialty DentistryThis link leads to the Home page enjoy seeing returning patients with their beautiful, well-kept smiles. That's why we try to make every dental appointment as enjoyable as possible.

So, if you’re nervous about replacing one or more missing teeth, consider same-day dental implants for anxious patients. This might just be what you need to get the ball rolling.

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