Seattle Specialty Dentistry Welcomes Dr. Nan-Chieh “Tom” Huang, DDS, MDSc, MSD

Huang, Nan-Chieh


Dr. Huang embarked on his dental career in Taiwan, practicing there after obtaining his DDS from Kaohsiung Medical University. His passion for prosthodontics led him to pursue advanced education in the United States, where he gained additional degrees and certifications from renowned institutions like Indiana University and the University of Michigan. His extensive training includes specialties like restorative dentistry, dental materials, cosmetic dentistry, CAD/CAM digital techniques, and TMJ disorder.

Over the years, Dr. Huang has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in prosthodontics. He is recognized for his patient-focused approach and scholarly insights from his current Affiliate Clinical Assistant Professor role at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. He is a multi-award winner, having received the Carl J. and Ida A. Andres Best Performance Scholarship Award and the John F. Johnston Prosthodontic Society Graduate Performance Award from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese, Dr. Huang is also an active member of several professional organizations, such as the American College of Prosthodontists and the Washington State Dental Association.


Dr. Huang is an expert in dental rehabilitation, dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge materials and technologies in his practice. He specializes predominantly in prosthodontics and dental materials, and his work in these areas has been widely recognized and presented at several international symposiums. Dr. Huang aims to integrate aesthetics and function in his treatment plans, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.


After completing his DDS degree in Taiwan, Dr. Huang broadened his horizons by seeking further studies in the U.S. His thirst for knowledge led him to obtain an MDSc from Kaohsiung Medical University, an MSD from Indiana University School of Dentistry, a Certificate in Prosthodontics from Indiana University and Kaohsiung Medical University, and a Postdoctoral Scholar Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Michigan.

His teaching stints at several universities have contributed significantly to dental education, while his extensive research experience helps him stay updated with the latest advancements in his field.

Today, Dr. Huang's expertise benefits both the academic community at the University of Washington School of Dentistry and his patients at his private dental practices in Seattle. His commitment to professional growth and dedication to patient well-being underscores his standing as a leading figure in prosthodontics.



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