My Shiny Teeth and Me! 6 Cosmetic Dental Services for Bright Smiles

cosmetic dental services

Do you want to improve the look do your smile, but you're not sure where to start? You're not alone. The cosmetic dentistry industry is booming–in fact, it's expected to be worth $30.1 billion by 2025. There are a number of cosmetic dental services that you can choose from, though not all services are meant for everyone.

We're here to help guide you through your options so that you don't have to pay for services you don't need. Read on to learn about the top six cosmetic dentistry services in Seattle WA today!

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the top services that dentists perform. Even though you can purchase kits online or at any local big box store, the main benefit of getting it done in the office is that the process is fast. Instead of waiting a month for pearly white teeth, you may only need one or two visits before your teeth are whitened to the level you desire.

However, dentists also offer at-home whitening kits that are less expensive than office visits, but more effective than the kind you can buy at the store.

2. Implants

If you have lost or damaged teeth, you may want to consider an implant dentist in Seattle WA. Implants mimic the look of your teeth so that they're indistinguishable from the rest. A tooth root made of titanium is implanted in the area of the missing tooth.

Your jawbone will then grow around the titanium implant as it heals to provide a permanent foundation that can last the rest of your life. Just like with regular teeth, you'll need to practice good dental hygiene in order to ensure that your mouth is healthy afterward.

If you're nervous about the process, the best implant dentist in Seattle will carefully go over your options for you. They'll prepare you for what to expect during the procedure and give you tips on how to recover after your surgery.

3. Inlays and Onlays

If you're not missing any teeth but you do have damaged teeth, inlays or onlays may be a better option for you. They are also called "indirect fillings" and can be a replacement for crowns or fillings. The reason for this is because a dentist may determine that your teeth don't have enough tooth structure in order to support a filling.

Created from porcelain or ceramic material in a laboratory, the material is then bonded to your tooth with dental cement. Once the process is finished, you'll enjoy the improved appearance of your tooth. Even better, inlays and onlays also help support your teeth and halt further deterioration.

4. Veneers

Dental veneers in Seattle are one of the most drastic cosmetic choices you can make for your teeth. This is the process of removing a thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth in order to have thin shells of porcelain or resin to cover them. They're then bonded to your teeth.

With an average lifespan of 10 years, veneers are usually the option for people in the entertainment industry who are looking for a perfect smile without the work. The porcelain or resin perfectly matches the look of white and brilliant teeth so that no one would be able to tell the difference.

5. Dental Bonding

If you have a chipped tooth or some misshapen teeth, dental bonding may be the best option for you. This is because the procedure is relatively quick and affordable. Your dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin to your teeth and then harden the resin with an ultraviolet light or a laser.

Once the resin is hardened, it will then be shaped in order to fill in any chips in your teeth or help the appearance of misshapen teeth. The resin will match the color of your teeth so that once the procedure is finished, there is no discernible difference between your tooth and the resin.

6. Gum Lifts

Doctors state that 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men have a "gummy smile." This is the term given when your gums are longer than your teeth–usually three to four millimeters over. Although this doesn't present any issues to the health of your mouth, some people may feel insecure by the look of their smiles and wish they showed less of their gums.

Gum lifts help create a more aesthetic gumline. Through a laser or periodontal plastic surgery, excess tissue is removed quickly and safely. However, it's important that your gums are already healthy before the procedure.

Gum contouring is also possible in order to change the appearance of your gum line around your teeth in order to achieve a larger smile. Since local anesthesia is used, there is virtually no pain except for a couple of days after the procedure.

The Best Cosmetic Dental Services for You

When it comes to cosmetic dental services, it's important to remember that it all depends on what you're comfortable with and what you're trying to achieve. Speak with your dentist about your concerns with your smile so that they can recommend the best and less invasive treatments for you.

For instance, if you're insecure about the discoloration of your teeth, starting with whitening treatments is the easiest step. On the other hand, if you don't like the way your smile looks because of chipped or misshapen teeth, you may want to first consider bonding. You'll find that no matter what you choose, the goal should always be a bright smile that you don't feel ashamed to show off.

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