What Does Composite Bonding Cost?

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Are tooth imperfections hindering your confidence? Composite bonding is an effective solution for enhancing your smile and elevating your self-esteem.

However, as you decide which treatment to receive, you may wonder if the composite bonding cost is within your budget.

At Seattle Specialty Dentistry, we are committed to creating a dental experience that empowers you. Part of that is educating our patients so they can make informed decisions about their oral health.

In this blog, we're sharing the details, including costs, of composite bonding as a viable option for tooth repair.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves applying a tooth-colored resin material to the teeth. We primarily use it to:

  • Repair a chipped tooth
  • Fix a crack
  • Close a gap
  • Reshape or resize a tooth to improve aesthetics

Factors influencing composite bonding cost

In general, this is a cost-effective treatment option, offering a non-invasive and relatively quick solution for achieving a beautiful smile. But the cost can vary based on several factors.

Understanding these factors will help you evaluate the expenses involved and help you determine if it's an affordable treatment. Key factors that influence composite bonding cost include:

Extent of treatment

The number of teeth requiring bonding directly affects the overall cost. More extensive treatment involving multiple teeth will naturally incur higher expenses.

Complexity of the case

Complex cases, like those with severely damaged or misaligned teeth, may require additional preparatory procedures, resulting in increased costs.

Location and dental practice

The dental practice’s geographical location and the dentist and staff’s experience impact pricing, too. Practices in urban areas and those with renowned cosmetic dentists often charge higher fees.

Material quality

The quality and type of composite resin used can affect the cost. Higher-quality materials typically come with higher prices but yield more durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

Additional procedures

If you opt for ancillary treatments like teeth whitening or gum contouring combined with composite bonding, the overall cost will reflect the total expenses.

Average composite bonding cost

On average, the composite bonding price per tooth ranges from $150 to $600. However, it's important to note that this figure can vary depending on the factors above.

Consulting with our Seattle cosmetic dentist will provide an accurate estimate based on your requirements.

Benefits of composite bonding

Composite bonding offers numerous benefits beyond just cost-effectiveness. Here are a few advantages worth considering:

Improved smile aesthetics

Composite bonding can help transform your smile, covering imperfections and enhancing the overall appearance of your teeth.

Non-invasive procedure

Unlike alternatives like veneers or crowns, composite bonding requires minimal removal of the natural tooth structure, ensuring a less invasive treatment.

Quick results

The procedure is typically completed in a single visit, providing instant results and saving you valuable time.


Composite bonding can address various cosmetic concerns, making it a versatile treatment option.

Choosing a qualified cosmetic dentist

Select a qualified cosmetic dentist, like our Dr. Pavinee, with experience in this procedure to ensure optimal results. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:


Look for dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry with a track record of successful composite bonding procedures. You can learn more about Dr. Pavinee’s experience here.

Reviews and testimonials

Read online reviews and patient testimonials to gauge the dentist's reputation and satisfaction rating.


Opt for a consultation to discuss your goals, evaluate their expertise, and obtain an accurate estimate of the composite bonding cost.

This treatment offers an affordable and effective solution for achieving a stunning smile. By understanding the factors that influence composite bonding cost, you can make informed decisions about your dental investment.

With its ability to address various cosmetic concerns, non-invasiveness, quick results, and versatility, composite bonding is an excellent choice for enhancing your smile!

Call us today if you’re ready for superior results and a smile you never imagined was achievable!




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